Recovery Traveling While Sober: 9 Tips for Your Best Vacation Yet

The rest of the day, relax or see where the day takes you. Breathe in slowly, hold for a count of four, then exhale. Whenever you feel stressed, do some breathing exercises. During staycations, avoid doing housework or projects. Ignore the pile of laundry and don’t worry about cleaning the garage.

How do I not get tired on vacation?

  1. Get a Good Night's Rest Before You Leave.
  2. Develop a Nightly Routine.
  3. Take a Break During the Day.
  4. Avoid Making Plans Every Day of Your Vacation.
  5. Eat and Drink Well.
  6. Split Up.
  7. Skip the Workout.

There are several do’s and don’ts you should consider when planning a vacation for yourself or someone else in recovery. A vacation shouldn’t be used as a way to avoid problems — especially for someone in recovery — because chances are, you may be faced with several new travel-related problems. Going into a vacation with unrealistic expectations can potentially lead to relapse. These 5 ways to recover and detox from your vacation seems simple to implement, but often they are harder to maintain than you think. For instance, if you make a grocery list for your return, make sure it includes what you’ll need for your detox diet. We just went to Italy, where we ate our weight in pasta and prosciutto. In fact, all the heavy foods we’d been eating for two weeks while traveling had also started to make us feel sluggish and bloated.

Method 3 of 3:Reducing Stress During Your Vacation

International airfare not in your budget this year? Reap the benefits of travel right in your own home with these 7 tips. Chronic overwork and stress can also lead to less deadly, but still very disruptive, health problems.

Why do I get tired as soon as I start driving?

Drowsy driving can be caused by sleep loss or poor quality sleep, but some people may find themselves tired behind the wheel despite getting plenty of rest. Research suggests that people may become drowsy when they drive at times of the day that don't align with their circadian rhythm.

If you’ve had an adventure vacation or packed your itinerary full you might need to detox and recover after your vacation when you get home. We don’t have to chain ourselves to our desks until we get through the day’s to-do list.

Enjoying Yourself with the Right Support

If possible, try to make the day after you arrive home a buffer day. This means no work, no plans, and a full day to dedicate getting back in the swing of things. If you’re arriving late Sunday night and have work Monday morning, chances are you’ll feel stressed out, tired, and unorganized come Monday morning. But, if you arrive home on Saturday and have all of Sunday to get yourself adjusted, then Monday morning will be a breeze.

  • A vacation is supposed to be a blissful time of rest and relaxation away from everyday stressors.
  • Holidays can bring up memories, old hurts, family issues.
  • The first step is to acknowledge that the post-vacation blues are real and that it’s normal to feel down after a vacation.
  • Since 2020 we have certainly learned to live in the moment, curious and passionate about our interests.

A restful vacation just isn’t enough to help people recover from regular 50+ hour weeks without adequate breaks during the day and week. Holidays can bring up memories, old hurts, family issues. Be kind to yourself, and allow yourself to feel however vacation and recovery you feel. A song, a smell—sometimes triggers surprise us, and we are not prepared for the flood of emotions that follow. I know for me, I often think I am fine, but then have a wave of sadness, heavy stuff that often comes out of the blue.

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If you know it will be hard to get through the airport without stopping for a beer, make an action plan to handle that trigger. You can visit a coffee shop for an iced latte or have a friend hold your money until you get on the plane. Finding ways to minimize exposure to triggers can help you feel more resilient when you encounter something unexpected or unavoidable. Don’t feel bad if you choose to go on vacation alone or without someone who stresses you out. On the flip side, vacations can have a positive impact on your recovery when handled properly. If you’re in or near a big city, you can set up a ride easily on their website or on their app. The cars are not necessarily limousines, but are very nice rides with professional drivers.

10-year-old offers allowance to help favorite Fla. vacation spot recover from Hurricane Ian –

10-year-old offers allowance to help favorite Fla. vacation spot recover from Hurricane Ian.

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Knowing this, we plan our arrival for later in the day, so we don’t have too long to struggle through exhaustion before bedtime. That having a written plan of action increases productivity.

Let’s take a look at the best sober vacations 2022

Start or continue an exercise plan after vacation. After coming home, build back up slowly to pre-vacation levels to avoid injury. Most likely your exercise habits stopped, slowed down or changed while on vacation. Get back in the swing of things by scheduling post-vacation workouts.